In the face of the global health emergency of CoronavirusCovid-19, AliyaTekstil is a manufacturer and suppliers of COVID19 products under own brandname Silkroad. The Silkroad products are Disposable Face Masks, Sterile and Non SterileGown, Isolation Gown, Disposable Coveralls and other PPE Personal Protective Equipment. The products are produced from the non-woven fabric. This fabric is suitable to EN ISO 13795 standard.

This quality provides comfort to both users and patients and easy use for health conditions.These fabrics have the quality of liquid-absorbing and liquid -repellent and on these fabricswe use incision films and medical bands which do not give harm to skin.

This quality protects the operation area during the operations and avoid of all kinds of liquid , blood and bacteria pass. Process of production is completed according to the procedures of the system. The cleanroom that compensate the conditions of Class 100.000. The cleanroom’s validation values are constructed according to EN ISO 14644-1 standards. The packing of theproducts are made in this cleanroom with the packing machine which its value of packet heat is determined. Medical devices' packing material is suitable for EN ISO 868-7 and it provides all the conditions to make EO gas permeable. Sterilization Process is done according to the conditions that EN 11135-1 standard determines.



“The Silkroad name carries the confidence of proven effectiveness and manufacturing of the highest quality.”


Focused on safety

Silkroad safety solutions are
designed for optimal performance
and manufactured with industryleading
elements that ensure
comfort and injury avoidance.

Innovation in engineering

Continuous research and
development make us a frontrunner
in this sector and allow us to expand
our offer across multiple industries.

World-class manufacturing

An invaluable knowledge base,
pioneering practices and exceptional
production facilities are central to our

Global compliance

Silkroad products meet the most
stringent industry standards,
ensuring that we are always ready to
serve the international market.


Silkroad Branding and Packaging

Harmonised branding, same reliable protection

We have updated our packaging to make the identification of our products and their categories easier. All garment labels are now in the same shape and have been assigned protection type-specific colours. Product dimensions and quantities per packaging item have not changed. Each packaging item has its own unique barcode or EAN code. This enables easy scanning of shipments and helps to simplify stock management. All Silkroad coveralls are marked with their relevant model, clearly visible at the front, in the associated protec - tion type-specific colours. Icon and Type informations on the garment patch indicate its level of protection.




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Düzce Vergi Dairesi: 0531084216
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